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The 9 highest paying jobs that are making wave in Nigeria currently – #6 is where REAL MONEY lies


Highest paying job in Nigeria: It is important for you to get the right orientation before choosing a course if you want to make it big in life.
There are some high paying jobs in the society and it would be totally useless for you to waste so much time in the university over a course that is not lucrative. Of what use is it to pay heavily for education if the discipline would not yield high returns in the long run? A high salary does not hurt anyone as most people dream of good jobs that will settle them financially and help them live the lives they have dreamt of living.
It will shock you to know that there are some high paying jobs in the country; these are the kind of jobs that put you above the average salary earners. Here, one can afford to live large and save for the rainy days. People with high paying jobs may not feel the long term impact of recession as they will always have enough to sort themselves and their family members. Although the employment rate is depressing, those who are fortunate enough to get these jobs earn enviable salaries. Not only is the pay encouraging, the respect that comes with jobs like that also spur many people on. The work balance is fair compared to jobs with demanding requirements and lesser pay. Find below the best high-paying jobs in Nigeria, they are not listed in any particular order:
1. Healthcare
In Nigeria, the respect that comes with being a medical doctor can never be underestimated. Irrespective of their area of specialisation, medical doctors will always be considered to be hot cakes as they are well paid and the security that comes with the job is high.
Surgeons receive an attractive sum of money in addition to being highly sought.
2. Law
For so many reasons, Nigerian parents have certain professions they want their wards to focus on. This is because they know the stability that comes with jobs like that.
Being a lawyer is one of the jobs any parent would wish his child to have. Studying this course requires serious commitment and dedication.
3.  Petroleum engineering
Anyone who works offshore or onshore as an engineer for a petroleum company is sure to earn a huge salary.
There are some jobs that people do not bother asking what the minimum salary is because it would surpass their expectations and leave them either depressed or excited.
This job is more or less the dream job of many Nigerians as they get to live well compared to the meagre salaries being paid to people in other professions.
4. . Airline operation
Being a pilot in Nigeria is no joke. The skilled personnel who fly the planes get paid heavily in addition to the boosted self esteem they have every time someone ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ about their profession. They are treated like expatriates and enjoy some prileges exclusive to that profession alone.
5. Lecturing
Although many people have different opinions about this job, it is one of the most stable jobs we have here. The pay is handsome and it comes with some benefits that propels self development.
Apart from being well paid, lecturers have the time to do other businesses and grow their brands compared to those who work other jobs. Their profession gives them the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.
6. Politics
n this part of the world, being a politician is a job. While they are serving the nation in the best way possible, they are highly paid individuals who take money in addition to what is given to them officially. This list would be incomplete without them.
7. Engineering
There is a reason this job is being separated from that of the petrochemical engineers. Although they are in the same field, their job requirements are different.
Engineers are highly paid because they have access to the major projects that are being done. They bid for major contracts sponsored by the government and make a fortune from the projects.
8. Pastoring and church business
Pastoring is one hell of a business that brings in a lot of money because Nigerians have problems they want the pastors to solve for them.
Nigerians are willing to pay any amount of money to their pastors in as much as they keep praying for them to experience miracles. Some also give out large amounts of money to appreciate their pastors.
9. Consultancy and ICT
Being a consultant for a multinational company is a high paying job any Nigerian would jump at. Companies make use of trained individuals who are skilled in certain areas to help boost the performances of their companies.
Consultants are well paid individuals who can afford the luxuries of a good life. They add value to the companies who employ their services by training their staff. With the world going into an era that supports technological advancement, the positions of ICT operatives in the society cannot be overlooked. Major companies need the expertise of these people in order to move their establishments forward. They are highly paid in order to put those companies in global view.
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