Braid stitch experiments and something new

Hello everyone!!

Thank you for the get well soon wishes!!

All of us have recovered and are back to the daily routine. From today the school is off for two weeks for spring + Easter. Hopefully at least when the holidays begin we'll have some pleasant days. 

This week I tried a new stitch and it came out quite well. And there's something else that I tried too..

Look what I have got!!

I have got my own custom made labels..yoo hoo...

Some weeks back there was an incident in one of the FB groups, were a crafter's photos were shared shamelessly by another lady as her own on her page. When this was discovered, it was suggested to use labels on the items rather than watermarks since watermarks also could be erased. I am not sure how it'll stop the thieves, but since then I had been considering some means to label my work especially the crocheted wearable.
It was coincidentally at this point I got introduced to The Dutch Label Shop  and was offered a discount to try out their product. I was hesitant initially - because it involved signing up . But in this case, I took the plunge. Do have a visit to their website and you'll see the various custom made labels ordered by their customers.

Once I created a login at the website, the rest of the design part was super easy.It just takes a few minutes to decide the text and the color of a basic label and your job is done. They are an online store and have a quick shipping policy - my labels came to me in a little more than a week. They have their presence in 14 countries, so shipping will not take so much of a time.

So in case you're looking for options to get your own labels, clothing tags or  wash care tags, I can recommend the Dutch label shop, coz I have tried them  :) I have also ordered some clothing tags and will show them off once I make something :)

Ok, now to the stitching part..

What do you think?  I wanted to try a stitch different from cast-ons and bullions.When I started this, I was not very confident if the braid stitch idea will work out, but it did :)

The pink one is the first one I tried by keeping the loop of the stitch loose. It gives a dimensional effect to the flowers. The purple flower loops are pulled a little more tighter - I like both of them.

Mary Corbet has a very good tutorial on Braid stitch here. To make this flower, just don't pull the stitch loop too tight.
Here's another pic. 

That's it for now. I am going to try another flower idea :)

Love, luck and sunshine,