Bruges Lace Doily and New WIPs

Since my last post contained the tutorial link to the Bruges Lace Doily, most of you would have got a glimpse of how it is meant to look like.

I would not claim that I enjoyed making it - our relationship is "complicated". There are couple more patterns to made as part of the crochet along, but I'll skip for now.

Now for the WIPs.Here they are...

This year I joined Instagram after much deliberation. I am not much of a mobile person - I consciously avoid Facebook, games and other so called fun apps in my mobile. I personally feel that there are so many other ways in which one can use one's time instead of  staring at the mobile for the whole day. But very few seem to read blogs of late - pictures are what matters.

Anyways,  the story goes like this - I joined Instagram and two days later I received a mail stating that my email in my account has been changed to some Russian id. I visited my profile and lo and behold, I was now a  p**n star :) A week earlier DH's Netflix account id had also been changed in a similar manner.
Though I am smiling about it now, all my panic buttons were activated at that point - luckily I could retrieve my id.  Now I ensure that I log out of my account everytime and log in only when I need it.

The story doesn't end  there - last week in my FB account, I received a message from a relative saying she found a video of mine online - and there was a link to a video with my photograph and 67000 views!! I clicked on the link - which was a very foolish thing to do - but my panic level was at its peak. The link did not work - I assume my antivirus software prevented it. 

I asked her about it and only then she realized that she had been hacked and the messages were being sent unknown to her. These incidents have reinforced my belief that it is not safe to be on social media 24/7 especially via mobile. Login when you want to and log out when you are done and if possible use your laptops/desktops with antivirus. 

I'll be back with the completed pieces and then I'll share some more important and soon to be happening events with you  :)

Love, luck and sunshine,