Roses & Roses

Hi everyone,

It's Christmas time and the city center in Erlangen is all decked up.Christmas markets are in full swing and the hot mulled wine is flowing..

I've had my quota of KinderPunsch (children's drink) and Hungarian Langos. What I find really strange is that there is absolutely no change from last year's market - the stalls are the same, the people are the same and even the location of the stalls are the same. Nothing new at all. It is all so predictable.

Back to stitching, then..

I have tried something new  :)

Finishing an embroidery piece has not been my forte. But I have admired those who frame their pieces in hoops or frames. And I love the little fancy frames. While embroidering these roses, I had imagined them framed in the pretty little frames . But I had no idea how to go about it.
Last week I paid a visit to the 1 Euro shop in Erlangen and found these frames. Not what I had envisioned, but was good enough for a trial.

Most framing tutorials ask for mounting board/foam board. I have no idea what it is called in German and where to get it. So I used cardboard cut off from Amazon packaging [grin]. I guess since the pieces were very small, the cardboard worked fine.

I like this red rose. Cast on stitch is a little more versatile when compared to bullions for making roses. We can use it to create flowers in different angles.

Right now, I am enjoying embroidering roses and of course framing them. The only worry I have is that the embroidery is not covered and is bound to get dirty...what then?? Remove, wash and reframe?
Has anyone among you done that?

Till the next bunch of flowers,
Wishing you and yours a lovely festive season,

Love,luck and sunshine,