Happy holidays!!

Hi everyone,

Its Christmas time!! People are frantically shopping and trying to get as much as they can of the Christmas markets.
Though the feeling is of a happy one around, we're also mentally preparing for the three days of absolutely vacant streets and silence. It is as if the entire town will go into hibernation for three whole days. Is it this way every where else?

I know for sure this never happens in India. My country never goes quiet ,well, except for nation wide strike or protest known as Bandh (meaning "closed"). Be it Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas or Ramzan, it is always business as usual.

I am continuing with my cast on stitch experiments. This was just a trial piece where I tried to stitch the rose without any borrowed patterns from books. It worked ; but needs to be polished up.

For the next year, I have plans for multiple Brazilian embroidery project as gifts for my friends. More about it in the next post.

Wishing all my dear blogland friends a wonderful Christmas,

Love,luck and sunshine,