Here it is..all done..and a tiny book review too

Phew!! It is done, at last !! When I started this project in June-July 2016 , the idea was to stitch just a few bunch of flowers..
A big thank you and hugs to all who chipped in with their comments ,suggestions and helpful advice. Love you all!!

I had a miserable time trying to capture a good pic.This is all I got. You can click on the pictures for a better view. Last week, with the help of a good friend who shares similar interests,  I visited Ikea and got a piece of backing cloth and she stitched it up with her machine. Hers is the most precious friendship I made after coming to Erlangen :)

Before sewing the sides, I washed it and as expected the reds and purples started bleeding. I had to soak it overnight with regular changes of water until it stopped. Still, the color variation can be seen around the red flowers.

While making the fine growth I was absolutely sure that I do not want the symmetric and absolutely orderly leaves and stems seen in some patterns. The style here was more inspired by the gardening seen in my apartment garden. Plants are just allowed to flourish and spread - no trimming ,shaping or confining.

The above one is the last bunch of flowers. I tried turkey stitch for the first time. It looks difficult , but it is not. The trimming should be precise though.

This project is also a sort of book review . All the flowers are from the book The Art of Dimensional Embroidery by Maria Freitas.I  think I've stitched up almost all the flowers except three or four.
If you've some experience in embroidery and are good at following written instructions, then this book is for you.If you're more of a visual learner, then you may find some stitch instructions a little difficult. One will need patience to read through the instructions and execute it. Most stitches described in the book are well known, but there are some not so commonly used stitches especially in the cast on stitch section.

So that's it, then..
I had also planned to crochet a lace around the table runner , but right now I am feeling too lazy to  go about it.  A couple more small Brazilian embroidery pieces are  planned next - just a flower or two, not more ;)
The days have turned dull..I want some bright light for better photographs ..

Wishing you all bright and sunny days in your hearts and life, wherever you are,

Love,luck and sunshine,