A crocheted dress for the little lady

Hi everyone!!

The school has reopened and I am a relieved mother - relieved because there would be some other activities apart from watching YouTube in my daughter's life. I love her school way more than she does.. :)

Most of my time was spent on trying to think up of something to keep her off the iPad or making her use the internet for some useful things. This dress is also a result of that.  The end-of-summer sales is going on in most places and I came across the Lana Gross Basics mercerized cotton yarn being sold for 1 Euro each. Well, I could not let go and grabbed a few. My plan was to make a dress - a very simple dress.

Here cropped up the next problem - and this is one which most mothers with daughters will identify with - of late, my daughter does not like most of my choices. And if I crocheted a dress without checking with her, I was absolutely sure she'll most probably relegate it to the deep dark corners of her wardrobe. So, I gave her the responsibility to search for a dress pattern she liked.

After quite a bit of search , when she showed me the style she wanted , I almost had a fit !! A boat neck bodice with a fitted waist and a flaired skirt - and this was going to be my first time making a dress..sigh!!
This is the pattern she picked out.

After a lot of trials, I managed the top part in my own way and thankfully she was happy with it. A friend in one of the Facebook groups helped me a lot with her suggestions.

Each section was a challenge - but in the end thankfully she liked the dress even though it did not look anywhere near to the original inspiration :)

With the yarn I had, I made four panels for the skirt . The last panel was a torture - it never seemed to end. I now know why most crochet dresses are A line. In fact, I wanted to make totally five panels, but I ran out of the pink yarn - I used up 12 * 50 gms of pink yarn and one 50 gm of the purple.

She's happy and that makes me happy too :)

Warning : never attempt this dress if your child is tall. Meghna wanted a knee length dress, but this one ended a few centimeters above. I ran out of steam... :)

She has already found another tunic pattern for me to crochet. But I want to crochet a dress - one that looks exactly like the black one above - though I am not sure if it would look good when worn. I have seen it only draped on mannequin. That fitted waist is a dream - I am more suitable for balloon tops now a days ;)

Will be back soon with my usual embroidery post - there is plenty to post and tell :)
Till then,
Love, luck and sunshine,