The Jinxed Brazilan embroidery flower

Yes, that's what I call does have another name though - with a lot of letters. I don't even want to look it up to type it here.

This pattern was a flop (for me) from the word "go".

Not the flower's fault.

 I went wrong with the sketch , the color choice , the stitch - then had to redraw, change the thread color and change the stitch .At that point it looked decent enough, but had eaten up a lot of my time.

I didn't click the earlier pic, but the flower looked something like this.. a humongous pinwheel lollipop!!

Come to think of it, it still does look the same , doesn't it?

Then the drama with bullion stitches started.

Es war einfach schrecklich. It was simply terrible!!

I went wrong multiple times with the number of wraps that would cover the edge of the petals - all because the petals were not the exact same size. Some needed 25 wraps, some needed 30.

Do, undo, redo..sigh!!

On top of it the bullions wouldn't lie flat - so had to tack them down and that clearly shows. There are also gaps between bullions, which shouldn't be the case. I was desperate to finish by this time.

Yes.... it was a miserable day, which ended at 11 PM .

Yuck!! This is an embarrassment!! I am going to redo the bullions!! 

But not today. I need a few days to recover from this debacle.

Meanwhile , the weather continues to be pleasant and a lot of wildflowers have popped up all over the place. Happiness is in the air!!!

Here's hoping that the sunshine will brighten up your days too..
and oh yes..I will come back with a better embroidery next time..

Love, luck and sunshine,

I have removed the bullions!! It still looks pathetic :) The pencil marks will show how huge the earlier flower was :)