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SHOCK!! You Won’t Believe What Nollywood Actress, Yvonne Jegede Is Saying About Her Juicy B00BS..


I was born in Agenebode, Edo State, in 1983 . I had a very wonderful childhood because I come from a loving family and it was fun for me all the way. I always got whatever I wanted and I loved being the centre of attention.
I studied International Relations at a university in Cyprus.


As a child, I wanted to become a beauty queen and win the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant. That was all I looked forward to becoming. However, I never got to participate in any pageant because I wasn’t tall enough.


I never knew that I would become an actress someday. I’m not one of those people that would say that they discovered their talent while in the womb. It wasn’t something that I planned for but along the line, I realise that I was very passionate about it and I decided to take it serious. I got into the industry through Charles Novia, and he was the one that invited me for my first movie role. It was on that set that I met Uzodinma Okpechi, who invited me for the video of 2face’s African Queen.

Parents’ reaction

As is to be expected, they did not like the idea. In those days, most parents didn’t like the idea of their children becoming actors because they felt it was a profession that didn’t have much prospect. But now, they are very proud of me and supportive. They started supporting me when I did a movie for the Redeemed Christian Church of God. My father was attending the church at the time and he was pleased that his daughter was in front of hundreds of thousands of people at the church’s convention ground.


I don’t remember having any challenges apart from going for auditions. I was young at the time; I wasn’t 20 yet when I joined Nollywood.

Role models

In Hollywood, I love Meryl Streep. Everybody knows I’m crazy about her and she is my idol. In Nigeria, I love Bimbo Akintola.

Memorable roles

I have not been challenged enough yet. I have played almost every character, so there’s really nothing left to do. If you look at it critically, almost every story these days is a version of something that had been written earlier by another person. And this also applies to Hollywood with movies like Batman, Superman and others. However, I once acted as a widow who had to mourn her late husband for a very long period. That script really touched me and I actually cried on set. I can be very daring on set and go to any length to interpret my character but I can never act n’ude.


Over the years, I have produced two movies titled Three Is Company and Marrying a Campbell. The latter movie has yet to be released.

Body shape

I thank God that I have a good figure and I have no regrets. However, I like my eyes so much and you can say that they’re my best features. Even though many people feel my big b00bs are my selling point, but it is my brain. As for the people insinuating that I did surgery to enlarge my b00bs, I have always been this way. People who know me from way back will confirm that I’m naturally endowed.

Bolanle Ninalowo

Bolanle is a very good friend of mine and we’re actually best buddies. We hang out together a lot and we understand each other. People may say whatever they wish to, but nothing awkward has ever happened between us. We are friends and our relationship is still tight.


I feel very happy and blessed in my marriage. I think I married at the perfect time even though I’m in my early 30s. My husband is a very special person and I always say that men like him are very rare. Being married will not affect my career. Meanwhile, my husband is also an actor so he knows the terrain.


I love simplicity and I believe that fashion is a thing of the mind. It’s all about how you carry yourself. Some people might wear designer clothes and still not command attention while others might wear things that are not that expensive and be the cynosure of all eyes. My favourite fashion item is my wristwatch and I cannot do without it.

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