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Photos : Meet the amazing wife and children of Nollywood Legend pete edochie

What do you know about Pete Edochie’s wife and children? Who are they? You can learn more about this issue right here and pass it on to your friends. Pete Edochie has been on the stage for so long, that no wonder fans are so curious about his personal life.

They want to know everything about his family life, who his wife is and how many children they have. However, when an actor keeps his personal life to himself, the fans desperately willing to know some interesting details come up with nasty rumours.

This is how Pete Edochie’s name was connected with the name of another actress, when his fans stated that she was his wife. In this article, we will debunk the lies and focus on the real details of who Pete Edochie’s wife and children are. So, if you are his big fan, then read on. You will be surprised.
This seventy-year-old man is a famous actor who still draws attention of numerous fans. He actually has enriched the days of Nigerian cinematography with his enormous talent. He started his acting career when he was only twenty years old.

He began as an assistant and grew fast to the position of the Director of the filming stage. His filmography is truly overwhelming, and he appears in several films every year. Among other latest news from his life we know that was kidnapped eight years ago but was released soon after that.

He did not suffer any harm only the moral stress. However, even after that he still remains on stage. As he was paid for playing different roles in the movies much, Nigerian authorities banned him and other eight actors from filming for the high rates they had set for their performance. However, after a year of being banned from the stage, he got back on track. Now he remains the prominent actor of the Nigerian cinematography.

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