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Outrage in church as Pr0stitute Gives Birth to a Dead Horse During all Night Prayer Session. (Photos)

Wonders will never end!!
On Friday, a woman reportedly gave birth to a foal (a horse like) creature, otherwise known as a baby horse.

The strange creature, which drove the church members into panic, had died by the time news reporters stormed the church to witness the strange occurrence.
The woman, who has since been identified as Pulane Mokhele and is said to be a prominent pr0stitute who lives in Bulawayo Street in Ladanna suburb, Polokwane, at a house that has been dubbed “Hole in the Wall” where sex is sold for as little as R30 (about US$2) per round, reported started screaming during the prayer session and began bleeding from her private parts just before the foal-like creature emerged.
The leader of the church, Jehovah Sharp Sharp International Ministries Polokwane branc, Pastor Lusanda Nsimane, said despite being a well known miracle worker in the provincial capital of Limpopo Province, he was still shocked by what came out of the woman’s womb.

There is too much witchcraft here in Limpopo province. This woman was spiritually married to a dead grandfather who, before his death, was a serial womaniser. His evil spirits are the ones that were tormenting this woman which is why she was into pr0stitution. Any man who fell in love with her would dump her just before getting married. That is why she ended up becoming a pr0stitute,” the pastor narrated.
Pulane, in an interview, said although she was a pr0stitute, she never wanted to become a thigh vendor, but evil spirits would have the better part of her.
“I grew up attending Roman Catholic church with my parents, but when they died I stopped going to church. Life became so hard that I ended up becoming a hooker here in Polokwane. At times I would not have my periods for as long as 6 months, but surprisingly when I conduct my pregnancy tests I would get negative results. What shocked me is that this time round my belly was growing but a scan at the Polokwane Medical Clinic showed that I was 2-months pregnant, and they could not tell whether I was carrying a baby boy or girl. They told me to come back a month later,” said the 24-year-old woman who looked visibly shaken by the rare incident.
She added that before going for a second scan, her aunt, who is a member of Jehovah Sharp Sharp ministries, invited her for the Easter crusade and promised her that her life would never be the same again.
Pastor Nsimane said while preaching, he started prophesying and had a revelation telling him that there was a woman with an issue and that something was blocking her womb. According to him, as prayers intensified, the woman started screaming and began to bleed and eventually gave birth to the creature.
“I can not describe the object. We have seen several things people vomit during our service but not this type of thing. God has been blessing our ministry with prophecies and miracles,” he added.
This shocking incident happened at the Jehovah Sharp Sharp International Ministries, in Polokwane, Limpopo Province, South Africa, during the church’s Easter Friday All Night Prayer crusade.

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