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OMG ! Cheating Man Gets Glued to His Best Friend’ s Wife While Hammering Her From the Back ( Video )

An unknown man has been taught a serious lesson after he was disgraced in public while having s * x with the bestfriend ’s wife .

The man was caught glued to the busty woman while hammering her from the back . The woman could be heard from the video screaming in pain as they both walked into a house where they were eventually disengaged .
Many people believe the cheating couple suffered ‘magun ’ also known as Thunder bolt or “ edun ara” in the Yoruba culture of Western region of Nigeria . It means “ do not climb” in English Language or “ iwo ko gbodo gun ” in Yoruba Language. Thunderbolt can be traced to the god of Sango - the god of thunder and lightning .
According to information Parlour, magun refers to the restriction of sexual intercourse . Thunder bolt is a love and a killer charm that is placed on a woman by her lover, husband , family members or in - laws . Some parents put this charm on their female children in order to prevent them from sexual acts or to punish anyone that rapes them. This is done on the unfaithful women or on those that their spouse find it difficult to trust or those that are obsessed with their partner . The aim of this charm is to prevent sexual promiscuity .
This deadly - love charm is always laid on a woman without her knowledge . There are ways a woman can be cast this love spell . In some cases , a broom stick can be laid at the entrance and the woman is allowed to walk over it . Some people cast the charm on a long thread that will be put on the floor , usually on the doorstep or passage and the woman is allowed to cross over it . This act is done in a tricky way by the perpetrators .
Watch video below :
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