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Oh No: Man Rushed to Hospital in Pains After His Girlfriend Did This Shocking Thing to His Manh00d (Photos)

A man has been accidentally subjected to a really horrific treatment by his own girlfriend as she trapped his manh00d with red hot hair straighteners.
A young man identified as Dan Dunn has relived the weird experience he had recently with his girlfriend.

According to The Sun UK, the man was really was burning with desire when his girlfriend acccidentally clamped red-hot hair straighteners around his n*ked manh00d.
The labourer had sneaked up behind girlfriend Savannah Boyce while she used the heated tongs on her brunette locks with his p*nis exposed as a bedroom joke.

Savannah responded by trying to shoo him away, snapping the the 230 degree centigrade heated straigheners in his direction – and accidentally gripped his most sensitive spot between them.
Dan, 27, screamed in agony and was sick as he rushed to the bathroom to plunge his tackle in a basin of cold water.
He quickly rushed to hospital where smirking nurses helped bandage two stamp-sized burns.
Dan, now sleeping with a pillow between his legs, said last night: “It was excruciating – no man should ever have to experience pain like that – I almost fainted.”
The couple from Thamesmead in South East London were at a bed and breakfast in Rochester, Kent, when 5ft 2ins Savannah stood facing a mirror to style her hair.
She spotted her randy 6ft 1ins fella approach from behind and tuck his todger inside her pyjama bottoms.
Full-time mum of one Savannah, 24, said: “I was getting ready, so wasn’t really in the mood.

“I had been using them for about five or 10 minutes so they were fully heated. He had exposed himself out of his track suit bottoms and was complimenting me, saying I looked nice.
Dan Dunn and his girlfriend
“Dan has a habit of doing this, he always wants a bit and doesn’t stop pestering me. I told him ‘no’ but he persisted. I began snapping together my straighteners like an alligator to make him back away and we were both laughing.

“But as he pulled himself from the back of my pyjamas, I accidentally clamped him, just for a second. He was howling in pain and ran to the bathroom where the cold tap went on full power.
“When he came out we inspected the damage. He was in agony. Dan wanted to keep it outside his trousers while I drove him to Medway Maritime Hospital because he couldn’t bear anything to touch it, but instead we wrapped it in a plastic shopping bag.

“When we explained at the hospital what had happened they were in disbelief. Some nurses couldn’t help but laugh.

“They took him in a side room and told him it would be scarred but it would function properly again – thank goodness – and wrapped it in bandages.
“Dan is now feeling very sorry for himself – and walking like a plank.”

Sheepish Dan added: “I should have known better than to approach her while she was armed and dangerous, but I can’t help it, she is a sexy girl.

“It looks like I will be out of action for three months. I have learned my lesson.

“Next time I want a little bit of nookie, I’ll just ask politely starting with Savannah darling…”
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