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Must see!! 5 Reasons Why You Should Masturb*te Before Going to Work! Number 5 will keep you speechless.

Whether you’re a man or a woman and whether you like men and/or women, the “M asturbation” is something that you do to relax and of course, release.

But did you know that before you sleep ain’t just the only time for that?

You should actually do it before going to work! You heard it right! Some exercise, some eat a big meal, but if you want to give yourself that good head start, then all you need to do is to give your “head” a good start.


1. Well, for starters, it’s a good stress reliever.

When you masturbate and eventually release, your body ejects that cortisol out of your body. Cortisol is also called the “stress hormone”, need I say more? Basically, it’s No cortisol no problem y’all!


Work CAN be stressful, anyone should know that. So what’s the best way to prep yourself for the day? That’s right! Working your buddy downstairs off!|

3. GROW stronger!

Apart from 1 and 2, studies show that doing the deed helps your immune system shoot up to 30 percent. This leaves you stronger and more ready for all the physical stress that comes with a hard day at work.

4. GLOW more beautifully that ever before!

When you’re having an orgasm, your blood flow also pumps up and will get you the oxygen that your face and skin needs. Add that to the collagen that you make by doing that, and you got yourself one dose of beauty shot.

5. Work Better

Do we really need to talk about this? Just think about numbers 1-4. Will all that and you having a release, you can bet that you’ll get that promotion in no time!

So what are you waiting for? Work smart and work hard by working yourself in the morning!

Just try not to overdo it…
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