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MEN! WHERE IS THE LOVE?? Islamic Scholar Accuse Wife For Not Cooking His Favorite Meal, Beats & Str!p Her Na ked Publicly In Abuja (Must See)

Genechy can reliably report that an Abuja base Islamic Scholar has beaten his once lovely wife black and blue str!p her N@kaed simply because she didn’t prepare what he wanted for dinner, the heartless man also claim he spent money buying cloths for her, why can’t she spend money too to cook for him?

According to our eyewitness who file in this report; This one na true story o no be talk talk them say them say…… it happen on my street here in Abuja at about 8pm today the man’s name withheld str!pes his wife n@ked in public because of food,
A petty-trader popularly known as mama twin who sells kerosin, fresh tomatos, pepper and onion at the corner of her house on shagamu street in one mans village along abuja nassarawa road at the out sketch of the state. This quite family which neighbours and i can testify has been on that street a long time before now are easy going people while her husband is a dedicated islamic scholar who has really shocked us beyond unreasonable doubt.
Last night at about 8Pm immediately the power supply was interrupted, we begin to hear serious screaming and struggling coming from mama twins house which was unusual therefore getting the attention of neighbours and people around to their apartment, the moment we got there all of us were stoned on what we were seeing, the Islamic scholar to the shock of everyone pushed his middle aged wife out of her house completely n@ked with not even a p@nt to cover.
Ha!! in confusion, tears and screaming she explains……. na because i cook beans o! because of beans way i cook make we chup this night, i tell am say i no get plenty money and him children like to chup beans ooo!!! She explains.
According to an eyewitness miss Rachael who is a very close friend to papa twin Alhaji Sambo Ibrahim from kano state clams that after going into the house to find out from his friend what had happened came out to explain……..mama twin husband talk say e done complain give her before say e no like to chup beans but she too stubborn. she no dey like use her money cook but any small money way she get she dey carry am buy cloth for herself and their pikins.
In his words;
The cloth way she wear na my money she take buy am, why she no fit cook better food for me with her own money I come understand.
I don tell am make she pack her things leave my house but she no hear, she tell me day before yesterday say since she marry me na so so sufar but she must leave my house this night.
As at the time of filing this report neighbours are still contemplating whether to call police for the man or settle them amicably, some have even invited the woman’s people on this.

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