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Law Passed: HIV-Positive People Will Be Marked Near Their Genitals

According to a recent law passed in South Africa, all HIV-positive people will be marked near their genitals by year end. They will be marked with an HIV tattoo that will reflect their identity.

President Zuma signed a bill that seems to be the biggest step in the history of time. Jacob Zuma after the signing the bill said,”The mark is to protect those who can’t say no to se x. I mean if you can’t read between the lines, you can read between the legs because there is where the status will be tattooed.

The choice to be HIV positive is in your hands now or your genitals for that matter. We also encourage those who have been living with the virus to go to the nearest hospital and get inked with their status.”

This is apparently not the end, he also stated that the first 10 million people to get their status tattooed will be getting a Rs. 50,000 funeral expense voucher. Now, what is that for? I really wonder if this is a helping move and not a discriminative one. Because it clearly feels so.
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