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Ladies, Ask That Abroad Bobo These Before You Marry Him (MUST READ!)

Everything I’m about to write down here is based on a family feud currently going on between a young man and his new wife here.

This young man has no steady job, lives a flamboyant life and post all kind of pictures on social media where he met the wife. I’m pained because the wife in question happens to be my town’s girl and after hearing her side of the story, I was mad at her. Well, this is not the topic for today but let me give our sisters some advice here.
These are questions to ask before someone brings you here to suffer unnecessarily;

WHAT DO YOU DO ABROAD? Let him tell you where he works and possibly show you his work ID. If he tells you he’s a biz man, watch him closely, that could be a red flag. I know there are genuine bizmen but most unserious and unemployable guys abroad pose as bizmen.

WHAT’S YOUR DEBT PROFILE? Generally in America, if you don’t have some debts especially credit cards, you don’t qualify for certain things but that doesn’t mean one should live on credit.

IS THAT YOUR FLASHY CAR OWNED OR FINANCED? This may lead to you driving today and trekking tomorrow. Without a steady job, car financing coys may take back their car anytime there’s a default in payment.

DO YOU LIVE ALONE? This is self explanatory.

WHAT’S YOUR TOTAL SAVINGS AMOUNT? I know this sounds odd but try to get an extimate by calculating the amount he saves monthly. Ask him jokingly if he saves for his future family. He should be more family oriented than friends oriented. “Too much sending my guys money at home” is a no no.

Lastly, if he doesn’t personally come down for your wedding except with a very cogent reason maybe life threatening, he probably isn’t a legal resident ie no green card or citizenship. In this case, you may likely stay longer in Nigeria until he gets his papers before you join him. Refuse such union because sometimes, he may be tangled with a lady here already for papers, a union he may not easily come out from.

If ladies do this simple research before accepting marriage proposals from obodo oyibo husbands, rate of domestic violence among Nigerians in the States will be at its minimum.

Yankee marriage is favourable to ladies who their husbands already made the ground running. They come to consolidate on their husband’s achievements and prosper it more.
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