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I’ve Slept with More Than 30 Men, I Can’t Stay a Day Without Having S*x with People I Meet Online – Girl Narrates

I met a guy through a s*x site last weekend and we fancied each other immediately. We were having s*x less than an hour later. This sort of thing is not unusual for me. In the past five months I have slept with more than 30 men but I know it’s not great.

This guy I found on the site last week looked really hot and the talk was very flirty. We did some sexting then agreed to meet. He lives an hour away from me and we arranged to meet halfway between. He must be in his thirties.

We had a quick coffee in a hotel then got a room there. The s*x was good but he could not get away quickly enough afterwards. I was not too bothered. I have become reliant on s*x and I can’t go a day without it. I sleep around a lot and I always pick up a guy when I go out with my mates.

They are getting fed up with me and I don’t feel proud of the way I am behaving. But it wasn’t always like this. I came out of a six-year relationship last year. I’m now a woman of 22 and had a bad childhood. My dad was a drinker and beat me regularly.

I lost my v!rginity to my ex and he was the only guy I’d had s*x with until we broke up.

He had become very controlling and was beginning to remind me of my dad. Maybe because of this, I decided to put myself out there a bit and started seeing other people. I met another guy and we were together for six months.

Then I discovered he was on a no-strings s*x site, so I joined to find out what he was doing. It turned out he was seeing other people behind my back, so I broke up with him. I stayed on the site, though. I have now found a new guy through my job.

I like him a lot and he seems really interested in me but I am scared that if we get together, I’ll ruin everything by going off the rails again.
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