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I Pretend I Don’t Like S*x But I’ve Done This Terrible Thing With Over 100 Men Behind My Husband’s Back – Lady Opens Up.

A really s*xy man offered to buy me a coffee a few days ago and an hour later we went back to his house and had no-strings s*x. That’s how I like it.

I was next to this guy in the queue in the cafe and he kept looking at me. When I went to pay he said: “Let me buy that.” We sat at a corner table and talked for an hour and it was obvious we fancied each other, though he must have been ten years younger than me.
He invited me back to his place and we were all over each other as soon as the door shut behind us. The s*x was wonderful. He wanted to see me again but I said no. I just want sex without any unnecessary complications. I am 40 and my husband is 44 and it is my second marriage.

We have been married four years but together for ten. We have not had s*x for five years. He says no and I pretend I am upset. We get on as friends but I do not want to have s*x with him. I have been like this since my first marriage. I told my then husband that I did not like s*x and he understood.

On a night out with mates I would take any opportunity to have s*x with other men but never wanted to start an affair. Then a friend told my husband what I was like and he divorced me. I was 24 and I jumped straight into another relationship. That proved to be a mistake. I didn’t cheat on him but only because he was violent and he’d have killed me if I had.

I finally managed to leave him and make a new life for myself. Then I met my present husband again. I say “again” as it was for the second time as we went out together in our teens. He’s a lovely man but I have never been faithful to him, either before we married or since.

I must have had s*x with nearly 100 other men while we’ve been together. He has no idea. I want to feel wanted but without a relationship in the way. I think I’m a s*x addict but know I need to stop behaving like this.
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