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Human Trafficking: See how Girls are killed abroad for their Kidney, Heart, Liver and other Organs (don’t watch if you don’t have the heart)

Please when you receive this video, forward it. Share it as widely as possible! There are some fake agencies from China, Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia currently opened in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries, promising jobs (domestic ones, such as house-keeping, baby-minding, etc). However, on arrival, they turn you to any thing less than human. Murder our people especially girls for their kidney, Heart and Liver.

Mostly our own African brothers and Sisters are involved in this human trafficking to Dubai, Cairo especially in Libya, Egypt and Lebanon.
They will prepare your travelling documents and everything; when you reach there, that will be your hell and end of your life.

The accompanying video was secretly recorded by a passer-by which was unaware to these culprits and the video says it all. The life you save by circulating it might be your very relative’s. Thank you.

Watch video here:
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