French knot number 999..the Spring jute project is complete!!

No whining this time!! ( big,big smile). All's good!!

I hope you still remember the embroidery on jute. If not, at the end of the post, I'll link back to the older posts in this project. You could give it a try if you like it :)

So, I've stitched up 1000 or more french knots. I feel that I've reached a stage where I can stop knotting..
There she is...

The idea was to just feel the joy of spring and the flowers floating down...

This will go back to Simone who gifted me this fabric. Hopefully it'll either be framed on stitched on to a bag. If framed, I am envisioning this piece in an oval frame. What do you think?

The flowers were stitched with Anchor variegated Perl cotton.With some planning I was able to keep the yellow flowers together and the whites at the bottom. 

Whenever I see the pictures I click, I feel the need to take up a photography course. More so when I see some of the Instagram pictures and blog posts of my fellow embroiderers. What should I do to take better pictures? I'll have to google and learn a bit. That's another item in the to-learn list.

Anyways, now its back to the Brazilian embroidery piece. 

And oh, forgot to tell week we are visiting Amsterdam and the very famous Tulip gardens!!  Flowers everywhere..yoohooo!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and an amazing Spring!!!

Love,luck and sunshine,