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CUCUMBER GENERATION!!! Another Married Woman S3x Tape, Using Cucumber To M@sturbate Le@ked Online, See Her Shocking Confession

My husband is a disgrace to men. After 3 years of marriage, I wished I never married such a man.
My name is Damilola, and I’ve been married to my husband for some years now with 2 kids. Any time I have s3x with my husband, I regret why I married him in the first place.

Truth is, my husband manh00d is very small and whenever he makes l0ve to me, I feel ashamed and disappointed even for him.

His manh00d size is just like a baby pen!s.

Even worst is that he hardly last up to 30seconds during s3x and he will release his se,men and start sleeping like he has done a hard work.

He continued doing this and did not want to look for solution to his problem.

One day, when he went out to work, I used a cucumber to m@stur!bate… I have been doing this for about several months because that is the only way I could satisfy myself because of my husband’s poor performance.

So I always use s3x toys like dildo and sometimes cucumber.

While I was on the bed using the cucumber, little did I know that my husband forgot his wallet in the room.

My husband came inside the room to get his wallet and caught me red handed using the cucumber, it was right there inside my v@g!na.

He was shocked… he said “but darling why this, why a cucumber?”

I broke into tears… after some silence, I finally replied him… “You made me do this, you hardly last up to 5 minutes when you make l0ve to me, and your pen!s is too small like my smallest finger.”
My husband broke into tears too, and buried his head in shame.

But I was saying the truth, because how can a man just make l0ve to you, just for you to get preg,nant and have kids.

My husband condition is terrible because…

1) Most times he has weak ere,ctions and can hardly penetrate me very well
2) His manh00d is nothing to write home about, I prefer my dildo and cucumber to his baby pen!s

I will be honest; in as much I used a cucumber to satisfy myself, I always wanted a real man to have s3x with me. I did what I did because I did not want to cheat on my husband and destroy my marriage.

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