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ATM Scam: See The New Method (Must Read)

Greetings everyone. I feel so bad , sad and traumatised right now because of how someone just decided to wake up one day and do evil to me. My essence of writing this is to use Nairaland as a means of educating more people on the dangers you may face when your ATM card has been compromised. Yesterday after finishing up work for the day i did my usual closing time ritual; i shut my system down, switched off the AC and the sockets then started my journey and this was already 6-01pm. When i reached Chevron round about at exactly 6-37pm I heard the usual notification tone on my phone that i had received a message. I ignored after 2 mins i heard another then i removed the phone from my pocket and checked lo and behold what did i see?N20k debit alert from GTB twice.

I was like WHAT!!! when did i initiate these transactions and while still looking at the messages surprised another N20k debit alert came in after a few seconds yet another N20k totalling N80,000 naira. Like a man possessed I quickly Hotlisted my Account by sending an sms with the Hotlist format and after that i received a message that my Account has been hotlisted from GTB but it was already too late. The balance left after the N80k taken was just N7k. I have gone to a GTB Branch and complained but they are telling me it can take a week to 3 months for investigations to be concluded. Me i want my money refunded and i dont even get why it has to take so long (45 days max) to resolve that issue. Thank God i have 2 other accounts but this has got me thinking that our banks need to protect s their clients more. The thief used a POS/Web transfer channel to remove the money why?because he knows if he uses an ATM his face will be captured by CCTV or the camera on the machine meaning No be today him de do this kain thing. There should be some sort of way to prevent unauthorised transfers honestly. Either when you want to pay with a POS machine a message shoud be sent to you requesting authorization before payment can be done on a POS machine. How this thief bypassed OTP authorization to remove money from my account beats my imagination.
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