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“A lot of nud!ty were actually not broadcast” — #BBNaija Ebuka reveals a lot of things weren’t broadcast due to how Nigerians would receive it (Must See)

Host of the just concluded Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu was a guest on Beat FM’s Midday show with Toolz.

In his chat with Toolz, he made quite a few revelations about the show while he also dished some of his personal opinions about the housemates.

We learnt from Ebuka that a lot of things weren’t broadcast due to how Nigerians would receive it. He also talks about BBNaija cancelling this year’s shower hour, S*x in the house, Housemates ‘Pleasuring themselves’ and lots more.

Read excerpts below:

Toolz asked: There were some concerns that it wouldn’t be as successful because there was no shower hour, I mean, what people kind of expect from Big Brother

I wasn’t worried about that to be very honest, I mean Big Brother, even with the African seasons, the Drama has also come with the Nigerians, Because the Nigerian housemates always came with that ‘You better know who i am’ [vibe], so when you have 12, 13, 16 of those personalities together, you don’t need a shower hour to get this sort of drama. I think that showed itself. As much as it was probably the most censored season of Big brother ever, a lot of things were actually not broadcast. No shower hour, a lot of the kissing, a lot of things were actually not broadcast because they knew it wasn’t going to be Nigerian friendly. There were issues with National assembly, National Broadcasting Corporation not wanting certain things to go on air, even if the show was rated 18, they still didn’t care. So a lot of things weren’t put on air, still the drama was crazy.

So what was not on air?

A lot of things, lots of things (laughs)

Did any of the contestants have like, Proper full S*xy time?

Like S*x? None that i know of. To be very honest, none that i know of. I don’t think any body went that far. If any body did, they must have been very sly about it. But i don’t think any body went that far.

So, what was actually censored then?

A lot of nudity, there were people who walked around the house naked.

Other that Tboss, who else got naked?

Well, That’s what the viewers would never know, ‘cos it just was never broadcast, and since it wasn’t broadcast, it can’t be content anymore so i can’t talk about it. But couple of people were caught on camera doing “things” (Laughs).

What kind of things?


Things like? how do i say this, Self Happiness?

Sometimes.. Sometimes, maybe. I mean three months is a long time.

I’m sure you dig what ‘Self happiness’ means, lol.

It was also learnt from Ebuka that the decision to disqualify Kemen took the organisers seven hours of deliberation after sexually assaulting fellow housemate, TBoss.

Ebuka also said he thought ThinTallTony’s denial of his family was an awkward strategy. He expressed his hopes for Bisola’s acting career while ultimately admitting that Efe was the right man for the top prize.

Watch the video below:
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