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300 Level Student A nally R apes 10 Year Old Girl To Death

A student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana, is in the grips of the Police for sodomising a 10 year old girl for 3 years and giving her a cocktail of painkillers which caused her kidneys to fail leading to her death. .

The young man was arrested on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, while relaxing in a sofa chair at his parent’s house. His arrest was spurred by the outcome of series of medical reports conducted on the 10 year old after complaining of having some complications on her anus and sent to the hospital for treatment. .

Sources familiar with the incident say the young girl was being fostered by the man, a situation the young man took undue advantage of, and s*xually abused her. He is also reported to have warned the girl not to reveal his s*xual encounters with her to anyone or else she will die. .

Multiple lab tests conducted on the girl have revealed some damages on her a nus, intestines and kidneys. The police have intensified investigations into the matter and have arraigned the young  before the court.

More Investigation:

Facebook User Roni Nicol Posted The Little Girls Photo with the below caption; This guy r aped this young girl in the anal resulting in her death. Apparently he was even being sponsored by the girls family.Be careful of people around your kids.
#Rip Afrah

Also in the comment section of the post:
Norvinya Awuku Hhhhhhhmmmm. I heard the story on Vision1 fm. It’s so sad and scary. Paracetamol. Wicked soul

Ras Fafa It isn’t the r ape only that caused the death of the innocent girl… he has been giving the little girl about 7/8 tablets of paracetamol after every act for a period of 3 years and that resulted into kidneys’ damage. I wept when I heard the news on Wednesday. Very sad!

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