The tale of a crocheted Poncho

I've never worn a Poncho till this point in my life. But now I want to try.

I don't want to buy one. I want to make one..

Thus started the Poncho.. sigh!!!

I started crocheting a V-stitch Poncho. The cowl neck took me three attempts to get right. The term right is relative - to get right means good enough to satisfy me or make me happy. I was so happy with the ribbed cowl neck that I put it on several times just to see myself wearing it - my first ever crocheted cowl neck ,you see :)

Then started the body. I followed the pattern to the 'T'. The pattern had repeated V stitches with the front and back center tip increase. After several rounds, it began to look really like a V.

With every round my apprehension started to grow..the shoulders were slow to increase, but the tip was getting longer and longer. The poncho did look good, but I was afraid - by the time it reached my elbows, the tip would reach my knee. Well, for a tall person, it wouldn't matter - but I didn't want front and back tails. I should've stopped the crocheting then and there.

Did I??

No, I didn't. I tried to adjust because I didn't want all my effort and time go waste. I tried increasing the sides so that it becomes broader and not so stiff. I kept on crocheting more and more rounds hoping it'll look better. But it turned out to be worst - all wavy and twisted...yuck!! 

I've not taken a pic, but believe me - it was bad. 
My daughter probably didn't want to criticize and kept on saying - it looks good, ma.

Finally , after spending so many hours crocheting and being unhappy , I decided to end it..

The yarn too looks tired, doesn't it ? And now, I am trying again..but no more V stitch. I've had enough of it for the time being..

The dream Poncho looks like this now.

My friend who has been following the progress of THE poncho - after seeing, hearing and seeing again the developments- exclaimed -"you could have just bought one!! Crazy!!!"

Well..I think so too..sometimes..

The variegated yarn is a German product from the "Kik" store -It is 45% Cotton as shown in the label.

I love variegated yarns and have always wanted to buy them all when I see them in stores. I grabbed  this one when these appeared in Kik. 
Then I realized that these yarns look good when they are yarns - and may not necessarily look that good when made into a wearable - because of the color changes and stuff.  So, from now on - I'll be in control when I see variegated.

Hopefully, a few more hours of work and my Poncho should be ready to wear. The Fasching holidays begin today and we're off to a trip to Rome tomorrow. Its been a dream to see the Colosseum and the Pantheon.
After the trip, I'll be back with the Poncho and also show you how my jute embroidery looks ...

Love,luck and sunshine..