Embroidery on jute

Hi everyone,
The new year started on an icy note...and still remains so - as of now we're having temperatures between negative 10 and 11.
Well, it's not bad..life goes on, and mamma nature is letting trees and plants take a well deserved rest. I do feel for those who live in temperatures still lower. I cannot imagine a -20 or a -30...phew!!

Since its a fresh start of the year, I too decided to try something new. During my visits to the Christmas market in Erlangen , I met Simone who had a stall of Linen products for home. She sews them all by herself and she very kindly gave me a couple of discarded scraps. I am attempting to embroider on one of them.

The fabric is very coarse and I could not transfer pattern to it using the traditional light box method or the carbon paper. Have you tried embroidery on jute? How do you transfer patterns?

I just stitched on the outlines keeping the paper and fabric together. The idea worked, but it would've been better had I used a tracing paper rather than the "Original"..duh!!

So, now I've started embroidering - it's a simple design and I hope it turns out just like I've visualized it. Let's see..
The fabric is rather stiff and harsh on the threads. I don't even need an embroidery frame. My stem stitches did not turn out to be as uniform as I would've liked- I think I was a little too much in a hurry to see them done and move on to the leaves. Hopefully the leaves will cover up the bad stems..

That's my update for now. Wishing all who visit this page - either on purpose or accidentally , a fantastic year ahead. My first year in Germany has shown me a different way of life -in India, we were always busy doing something or the other - here, we're wondering what to do with the extra time.Shopping and meeting friends are fun - but not practical everyday.

DH sometimes asks me, " I have some extra time , shall I give it to you,please?" { smile..} So, this year I need to see if I could find a productive way to occupy myself.

I hope this year will be a productive one for all of you too..

Love,luck and (a chilly) sunshine ,