Unknown company, unknown threads

Yesterday, me and a friend paid a visit to the local flea market and I found ...guess what??


When I brought them home and started sorting, I realized that this were from a company called Mez. I've never heard of it before. Have you?

A little bit of google search revealed that Mez is infact Anchor.
MEZ was a German firm that had a silk weaving business that was taken over in the 1930s by J&P Coats, and is now Coats MEZ GmbH; the Anchor trade mark also belongs to Coats.

So, with the company's identity established, I tried to identify the threads. Here are some pics. In case you're familiar with the threads please let me know.

 The label on the white says Matt Stickgarn (Broder Mat) Size(?) 3. I assume that this is the Coton a broder. The blue looks similar and I guess the red belongs to this group. My first thought was these look like wool. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The tag here said "Hakelkunstseide". When translated, it means Crochet silks.I assume these are Rayon threads. I'll have to try it in Brazilian embroidery. 

Ok, let's move on to the next set...

There was one full skein with the tags clearly visible and it said Perl garn 5. I added the others to this set based on the thickness.
I have absolutely no idea what these are for. The translation says - four fold embroidery thread. They are the thinnest in the lot and looks like crochet thread. Could this be Perl Cotton 12? Has anyone among you used this thread before?
There are still some more bits and pieces belonging to the above groups and also a bunch of Mez stranded floss . The lady who sold this had wound several of them on bits of paper and on one such piece I found the date February 1952!! That's old!! Would you use so old threads in your projects?

On the embroidery front, I am stitching with the Boucle yarn on my Brazilian embroidery piece..Pictures in the next post.

Love, luck and sunshine,