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Top Best Movies Of 2016

The year of 2016 has positively impressed us with a number of movies for just 12 months. Another great thing is that the majority of them were rated above 5 of 10, which means that the movie directors have busted their buts much to create something unique the world has never seen before. And to be honest, they have managed to impress the world with many fresh ideas and true masterpieces. So let’s come through the top ones of them right today!


The wonder-story of a broken love, curse, and the true love that is the only cure to awaken the sleepy beauty. This is what this truly amazing movie is about with Angelina Jolie starring as the main character. Worth watching for more than once!

                               Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 

As all the rest Star Wars episodes, the Rogue One, which has seen the world at the end of the 2016 year was equally long-awaited. Although this time, the plot has deviated from the original idea, the movie is estimated as no less interesting and entertaining. No time to hesitate with thinking – just watch the trailer and find it all on your own.

                                      The Magnificent Seven

Who else will come to rescue the poor village from the savage thieves if not the seven gunmen in the old west?! The fascination of all them together and each one separately lies in their special characters, their skills, and the unique story of each personage. Want to experience the whole story on your own? Do it right away!


                                          Collateral Beauty

What does a man do after he experiences a big tragedy in his life? He started writing letters. But not to people – to the things, called Love, Time, and Death. And somehow they all come to him in the human disguise just to help him find the way back to Lif


 They all have one common mission – to travel to a distant colony planet and transform thousands of sleeping people in the special chambers. But the two of them are destined to wake up 90 years earlier with a different task – to save the spacecraft with them all!

               Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them

 This is a truly amazing continuation of Harry Potter’s story which tells us about different mysterious creatures from the witch-world. Seems like the right time to prepare your magic wand and go searching for the fantastic beast

                                       Doctor Strange 

It is not really strange that besides the physical world, there is also a spiritual one. And sometimes, only after exploring your inner self, you get a chance to heal.


 At the first gaze, the story seems like telling you about the UFO arrival and how the mankind tried to get in contact with them to set up a mutual understanding. But with some time you start understanding that the story is actually about the most valuable thing we’ve got – our time.

 Don’t waste a minute and go watching the best movies of the 2016 year you missed!
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