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Oh My! See How Two Lagos Babe Fight Dirty Over Man On BBM (See Chat)

It's bad to the point that nowadays girls turn out so strong to add wives on BBM, even go up against them at party and let them know, 'I am screwing your man, OK'? Wow !! So this present chic's story goes consequently. The babe is dating a certain woman's husband, she figured out how to get her BB pin and advised her, she is dating her man. The woman fires back and she began raining curses on the wife, saying I had needed you to move some time recently, but now you must LEAVE. At a point in time, she went up against the wife physically with her friends and insulted her, the most painful part of the entire situation is that, the young lady being referred to and the man are so damn close that one night she was chatting the wife up as usual insulting her, and said to her 'go and cook for my boo mehn, he just entered the house'. How sad can that be? Infant some ladies are crazyyyyyyyy. I have got her pic tho, however let't spare some face!! hoping she gets the chance to read this and change. Your future spouse is not another person's own, go search for your own man, mumu…..See their chat....

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