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Man Steals $100K from Drug Dealers, Brags About It, Got Caught by Same Dealers...Find Out What What They Did to him

Guyanese man steals $100K from Local Drug Dealers, brags about it on Social Media. Well the Drug Dealers caught him, and posted their own video on social media,
pray for him!Man displaying mone y he stole from drug dealersBelow is how MediaTakeOut exclusively reported the story;"A man from Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America, allegedly stole $28 million Guyanese dollars (about $100k) from a local drug cartel. The man brazenly took pics of himself with the cash and published it on social media as a “F*CK YOU” to the drug dealers."Well that was a bad idea. You see, the cartel used the pics to not only identify the thief, but to identify where he was staying.""The cartel found the man, but the money was gone. So they posted this video of him on social media."Click here to watch (viewer discretion is highly advised).
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