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JUST IN!! Ultimate Cycler CEO Blasts Nigerians, Drops Bombshell On MMM (Watch)

The CEO of Ultimate Cycler one of the new Ponzi schemes, Nigerians have turned to following the freezing of MMM, has decided to address a particular question many people are asking them. The question as posted on his Facebook page was:
“Do you make money even if you sponsor no one?” Below is his answer: “This is a work program. The “Join and get paid for doing nothing” is a rumor spread by others. Nowhere on the site does it say that. Spillover is a part of the system but never to be a recruiting tool.” Explaining the concept of spillover, he said: “Spillover can only happen from the person DIRECTLY above you at the time and ONLY if they bring in extra sales. If they do not, then you get none. Totally by chance.” He went on to explain that no one makes money by folding their hands, saying: “Thus if you do not make any sales and the person above does not being in any extra sales, you will sit there forever and not make any money. “Somehow many people think UC is this passive program where people materialize under them out of thin air. Imagine if 1000 join and expect to be paid for doing nothing. Where are those 2000 people to come from? Then 4000, 8000, 16000?” Lashing out at Nigerians, Peter Wolfing blamed them for spreading rumours. “If everyone were to do nothing to get paid, UC would have gone down in 2-3 months.“Yet over 4 years later we are still here. It’s because only when it hit Nigeria did that rumor start and people thought they could do nothing and make money. Not everyone of course. He concluded by saying: “That’s not how real business works. Business works like this. You work, you make money. You don’t work, you make no money. Why is this such a hard concept to understand?” Just two days ago, Peter Wolfing announced that the Ultimate Cycler scheme had 54,000 people sign up in just 24 hours. The CEO, who has had some good and bad reviews recently made a video on Facebook, speaking on the new changes to be made. -
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