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“A Wife material must be a Lady who adds value to your life, Se x is not value. Even a Prostitute can provide that ” – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri yesterday, posted a very beautiful message to his followers..
He advised them not to buy Expensive cars instead they should buy bigger investments. He also spoke about marriage.. he said that a wife material is a Lady that adds value to your life.. noting that se x isn’t value.Below is what he wrote:
  “When your salary increases, don’t buy a bigger car, instead, buy bigger investments. Cars grow older, investments grow bigger. Remember, the day your company doesn’t need you, they’ll sack you. Don’t wait for it. Start growing your business and sack them first.
Finally, when you are ready for marriage, note that a wife material must be a lady who adds value to your life. To avoid ambiguity, sex is not value. Even a prostitute can provide that #RenosNuggets”
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