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Shina Peller shuns father’s shadow

Shina Peller shuns father's shadow
Greatness is generally seen as a preserve of the wise. Heroes are acclaimed great because they do great deeds and the wise achieve greatness because instead of trying to be as great as heroes, they possess the wisdom to do something different. If the late professor Abiola Peller who dazzled the world with his supernatural feats was a hero, his son, Shina Peller, is great because he employs wisdom.
Having grown up witnessing his father, a renowned magician, perform incredible feats, Shina was wise enough to know that he would never be able to rise above his father’s shadow unless he left the world of tricks and wonders and launched himself into a new field. Thus, the man known as ‘the one with the magical hands’ began his journey to self-made influence. Scorning his father’s fame as a conjurer, Shina Peller delved into the energy and entertainment industries.
The light-complexioned head honcho of Aquila Oil & Gas has ditched trick-making for money-making. Only recently, he floated Quilox, a night club restaurant and all-round entertainment spot on Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island, Lagos. His influence in the social scene has grown to the extent that the launch of the night club about two years ago drew governors and other prominent people around the country.
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