Settling down and some embroidery discoveries at the new home


Wie geht es dir? ... see,I've already started learning German [big grin]

Thank you for all your good wishes for the new year and the new journey we've embarked upon.

It's been ten days here in Erlangen. We've taken on rent a fully furnished 3 room apartment - the rent is huge, but it saves us from other expenses for furniture and household equipments that we may otherwise incur. Our days are spent exploring the places near our home,the city center,some shopping for essentials and trying out some local delicacies. Rest of the time goes in trying to understand the equipments - the house is spacious,old, and hence the equipments are ancient.

The German instructions do not make things easy either.

The electric glass top stove took a few days to get used to - I am still burning food at times though. Back in India, the fire in the gas stove was something we could easily adjust - may be because it is something we've grown up with. And a messy stove was easy to clean..sigh!!!

The vaccum cleaner is almost as big as me. I'd prefer the simple Indian broom anytime :) The top loading washing machine remains a mystery - the instructions are in German and it is unlike anything I've seen .I googled quite a bit to get some idea but the mystery remains unsolved.The worst part - even Siemens website does not have information about this product from them.

Moving from living in one's own house to a rented house has its drawbacks - you're always conscious of the fact that none of this belongs to you and any damage to the objects will incur a cost . The kitchen remains my main tension point - the Indian style of cooking involves frying and so many masalas- I am afraid the pristine white cupboards will turn sticky coupled with yellow stains of turmeric ...aargh!!! I've to be very very careful.

Along with the above,the owner also provided us with plenty of linen for the mattresses and the tables.On our second day in the new home, I noticed a cushion lying in one corner of the living room -it was just a single piece.I picked it up,examined it and then informed my hubby - look at this, a hand embroidered cushion cover !!

Hubby asked - so?

No answer from my end...

The pattern is stitched with wool and the colors are dull. But it still is beautiful. I wonder why there's only one piece? Need to search the cupboards to see if there's a partner for this lonely soul.

Here's a closeup - satin ,stem,lattice work and couching stitches have been used.The couching has come off in the borders.I'll have to take up a restoration work.
In the deep recesses of the cupboard, I found another pretty piece too. But this looks to be machine embroidered.
Pretty isn't it? I am told that the house is quite old.So may be these are old too..

The front and the back of the embroidery. Looks like machine stitched to me.

I also found another table cloth. Not embroidered, but the print on it reminded me of Portuguese embroidery. Meri, are you there?

 Here's a close up..

I am yet to explore the yarn stores in the town. For that I need to first get acquainted with the streets and routes. It may take a few more days. Erlangen is a small city (town?) with plenty of old buildings.Each building appears to have a story of its own. There's a nice little library too and the public transport is excellent. 

Nice place,but the silence is unnerving. A hundred apartments around, but pin drop silence everywhere. No sound of children playing, dogs barking,street vendors, vehicles honking..cows,buffaloes, neighbors gossiping.. well,this is what we lived with in India :) 

And,oh yeah, the gentleman- Mr.Sun is a rare entity. Do we need to take Vitamin D supplements? 

Till next time,

From the region of Bavaria,

Love,luck and little bit sunshine,