Journey to a new beginning

Hello everyone!!!
Greetings from the airport!!
Not sure how this post will look,since Iam using my mobile to write one.
We're waiting to board the plane to Munich via Dubai. The airport has a free wi-fi connection and that enabled me to write a quick post  to wish you all a wonderful new year last post from India.
Just before commencing the journey to the airport, I managed to finish a scarf I had been crocheting. Here's the picture...
 The yarn was gifted by DH after his last visit to Germany. It was just enough to make a scarf for the little lady..

That's her at the airport...The pattern is called Cassia scarf and is quite simple.I'll update this post with the link once I settle down in my new home.
Till then ,
Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous year filled with,luck and sunshine, of course... :)