Reader's embroidery - Noddy in the rain

Shoba, a blog reader and a good friend, mailed me pictures of a pretty embroidered T.V cover - "Noddy in the rain".  At first glance,it looked just like any other embroidery - but when I paid a little more attention to the stitches- I was surprised by the variety of stitches she had used in the supposedly simple pattern.
Here's a pic.

 The pattern appears to be from a coloring book.Shoba has used crayon tinting for filling up Noddy. I love the way umbrella has been stitched up - a combination of blanket stitch and straight stitches at the base. I love that mop of hair stitched with french knots.
I wanted to show this to you all - it would be a nice little project for beginner's or a quick one for anyone who wants to stitch up something in a short time.
Shoba also made a note of all the stitches used in the pattern and mailed it along with the above pic .

From the crayon scribbles, I guess this is the pattern page where Shoba made her embroidery plan.Click on the pic for a clearer view.

Wonderful work,Shoba. Looking forward to more such creativity from you.

I hope you all enjoyed having a look at the different types of stitches used on this piece,just as I did. Imagination can work wonders, right?

Love,luck and sunshine,