Learning how to use the Tree of Life is a great way to explore the bigger spiritual picture, and discover powerful ways to improve your life. 

The Tree of Life is a huge wealth of spiritual information. Taken one step at a time you will find it is very easy to understand and use. 

The first thing to know is that the Tree is divided into sections. There is the ground floor which is where you start the process of examining the sort of life you have created for your Self. The next stage is all about the personality so this means looking at the way you: emotionally react and respond, think and communicate, and feel about your Self - and others - and form lasting relationships.

Getting to grips with the lower part of the Tree is all good preparation for the next step which is about moving into the realms of the soul. Here, the focus is on strengthening the connection with the soul and understanding the karmic conditions that need to be addressed that may be holding up your progress.

As you ascend the Tree of Life so the teachings focus more on how you can serve humanity. The aim is to become an asset to the soul and use your creative talents to give something back to society.

From my own personal perspective I feel there should be a warning attached to these teachings. They can easily become very addictive in a very positive way. The more you learn and the more effort you put into Knowing Thy Self, the more you will want to continue to explore and discover about yourself and where you fit in amongst the grand scheme of creation. 

Each sephirah (area) on the Tree of Life offers different insights to help you in your everyday life. And each area also offers a beautiful temple in which to meditate.

Meditating with these inner temples can help you to find answers to your problems, and overcome challenges.

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