Finally...the anchor kit is finished...phew!!!

Hello everyone,

I have done it...I have a finish!!!

I had promised myself that I would finish the long pending Anchor embroidery kit one way or the other. I just had to have perseverance and the willpower to take up stitching in the little amount of time I get . And I managed it...phew, double,triple phew!!! :)

Here are the pics. You can click on them for better view.

I am happy with the colors I chose and happy again that I did not go with the original colors.

This is the other side of the doily. I opted for a different combination again ..heh,heh..

And here is the full view of the doily.

Yes,I know... it needs to be washed and the sides have to be sewn up. It'll more postponing.

I'll now move on to another UFO which has been languishing for years. It is time to free its soul :)

Till next post...

Love, luck and sunshine,