Buttonhole stitch variation- A mini tutorial

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Today's post is a quick one just meant to show you a variation of buttonhole stitch. This stitch is not my creation. It was in fact  demonstrated by a fellow blogger,Lakshmi, long time back.

Since the tutorial has been taken off and a few in the hand embroidery group on FB were searching for it, I decided to post a "how to" for the same.

In the original tutorial the stitch was named as shaded buttonhole stitch - but I beg to differ - I believe that a stitch is a "shaded variation" only  if  I as an embroiderer contribute in the shading - but in this case, the shading is entirely because of the usage of the variegated thread and we have no control over it. Let us see some pics...

Two flowers with buttonhole stitch.

Yeah, I know the embroidery is poor and photographs too..this post will remind me

1) not to walk around and stitch especially when your child is behind you asking you to play with her
2) not to stitch in a hurry
3) not to use mobile for clicking pics  and
4) use a tightly woven cloth,especially for buttonhole stitch  [embarrassed smile]

Anyway, did you notice any difference? You can click on the pic for a better view. The left is normal buttonhole stitch and the right is the backless buttonhole. If you observe carefully, you can see that for the right hand side flower, between the normal buttonhole stitches there's an extra stitch coming in.That's the catch!!!

If you're not convinced,I'll show you the reverse side. Here it is...

Now let me show you how it is done. Again apologies for the poor pics. Lesson learnt - What looks good in mobile,may not turn out to be so in real.

Here's the normal method...
 In the normal method, you have to go down at A and come up at B to complete the stitch.

In the backless buttonhole , there's a little bit extra up and down involved.  Down at A,up at B,down at C and up at D. The AB and CD stitches should be kept small. Click on the pic for a better view. When this method is used with two strands of variegated silk thread, you get a shaded effect.

I hope the method is clear. Do try it out and let me know your thoughts on this variation of buttonhole stitch.

Love,luck and sunshine,