Embroidery from Gujarat

Hello everyone!!!

New year wishes to all of you..I hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year.

2015 started on a colorful note with my sis-in-law getting an embroidered bedlinen for me from her home state.Here it is..

 The whole sheet consists of  9 elephant motifs chain stitched with what is known as 'patla oon' (thin woolen thread). This is a type of thread I've been trying hard to obtain, but not yet succeeded.
The entire piece is chain stitched with five different colors. Here is a close up.You can click on the pictures to enjoy a better view.

The color combinations are really striking - Shades of green,pink, dark blue,red,orange and black.

I really loved the combination of colors - especially the black,pink and orange floral motif

When sis-in-law had told me about her visit to her home for the annual kite flying festival, I had asked her to get me a hand embroidered piece. She brought me this sheet saying it was hand embroidered, but when I looked at the back - I had my doubts...

The reverse looks so neat and and the stitches are so even that it looks machine stitched.What do you think?

Machine embroidered or hand embroidered, I love it !!! But it may take a while for me to get myself to sleep on it :) I hope you too enjoyed the colorful journey..

Love,luck and sunshine,