Stitching according to your taste...

Hello everyone!!

It took a while to get settled back to routine after the months of shopping,planning and finally executing the marriage in our family.In the past few months,we had spent so much time in shopping and enjoying it  that we now miss it terribly. It is as if we have nothing else to do .Sigh!!
But the credit card bills serve as a reminder that let the good memories remain and let the daily life go on :)

So I picked up my anchor stitching kit and started off . The first target was the smallest bush.

Here's how the pattern looks.

I stitched the leaves on the ground with cretan stitch and the small ones with fern stitch.

Once that was done, I started with the flowers.The instructions asked for only one shade of violet,but I felt that the flowers would look too dull. I opted for three shades and used detached chain stitches to stitch them.

At the base a darker shade was used,followed by a lighter one and the lightest one on top.A few more green lazy daisies and feathers stitches at the base and the plant was done..well, that's what I thought...

Then, I noticed that something was amiss. The cretan stitch leaves did not look right.
Was it because they were not angled properly?
Nope..They did not look bad, but they were not superb looking either. After some thought, I understood what was wrong - the leaves were not filled completely - the white fabric was being seen through gaps between the stitches. It did not look natural enough.

Now what??  Should I remove it all and stitch again?
Who me??
In the area where I work - there is a term called workaround which means we try to find a solution to the problem without destroying what we've already made .May not be as good as doing it from scratch,but it'll work. That's exactly what  I did this time, but I'll not advise it always :)
I filled up the gaps with straight stitches and this is how the flowery bush looks now.

I like it much better than the original version below. What do you think?

Just because we have a kit with a set of instructions, does not mean that we've to follow them to the minutest detail. Use your own ideas and give it your personal touch.

Now to the next bunch of flowers...
Love,luck and sunshine,