...and she starts stitching again...

Hi everyone,
How have you all been?

After almost a year, my stitchy journey begins again with a kit from Anchor which I had reviewed long back.This one is a free style doily named as Pretty safe (why?...don't ask me).

It's been so long since I picked up needle & thread ; I badly wanted to stitch  - and this kit was available ready made - that made my job easier. I have started with the leftmost bunch of lavender flowers.I am planning to change the colors a bit, since they appear too dull to me.

Life still remains busy - I've started working in a software firm and write for them, teaching is still there on and off, my P.hD research has just started -  but I've decided and I am trying to not let everything else eat up my hobby.
Above all,my younger brother is getting married  in two days time.My sis-in-law is from Gujarat and so we are traveling to Ahmedabad in the wee hours tomorrow. The marriage is going to be in Gujarati tradition which is totally alien to us .I belong to the state of Kerala, and our marriage is a five minute affair whereas in Gujarat, it goes on for two to three days- so there is excitement,anticipation and a li'l bit of nervousness of not knowing what we are going to face [smile].
Will update you all on how things went and may be show you some pics of  the Indian wedding and the rituals. Till then...

Love,luck and sunshine,