Crafting away..

Hi everyone!!

Last post  I was cribbing about keeping (the not so little anymore )little one busy during holidays and now I am going to crib about the school reopening ;)
Here it comes....

Its been barely 4 weeks since the school reopened and I am already reeling under the lessons to be taught and the weekly craft activities . Sigh!! 
Every week there is a new art activity and a new co-curricular activity. No, I am not against it. But why can't the art teacher make the kids do the art activity in school? Why should it be sent home and then we parents have to supervise the whole thing?  Grumble..grumble..

Last week, the little lady's art teacher gave a list of materials to be arranged for making a portfolio.We purchased the handmade paper, which the teacher had specifically asked for, and sent it along with the other things needed on the prescribed day. An average period in school is 30 to 40 minutes. When daughter came back that evening, all that had been done was fold the handmade paper in the middle...grrr... 30 minutes for folding a paper in the middle???? Then she said, she's supposed to "summit" (submit) it the next week.

Well, it had to be done,right? And that's what has been happening. Both of us looked around for a design and picked what she liked.

One of her classmates had already submitted a folder with a princess's gown and photo pasted for the head. She wanted the same.But I discouraged her saying that would be copying. We found this picture of a cute penguin flying with the help of balloons and she loved it. The balloons gave her the option of pasting her photo within :)

The entire cutting, outlining and pasting was done by her. I gave her company and unsolicited advice ;)

Meanwhile, tomorrow her class has the best out of waste activity. And so I  taught her how to make paper beads from magazine sheets. The only problem - we need to make lots and lots of them for a necklace and this is all we have managed.

Thus goes on my life... did anyone say embroidery?...what's that???

Muaahhhh.. to all my dear readers...having been missing you all...
Love,luck and sunshine,