Roses - Updating myself and the tutorials

Hi everyone,

The past few days I have been busy relearning Brazilian embroidery. I was approached by a school teacher who saw  the rolled roses on a sari of  her colleague who happens to be one of my students.
I agreed to teach her, but then I realized that it's been so long since I picked up my rayon threads.
I had my doubts if I remember anything at all :)

Anyways,since I am redoing some flowers, I also get a chance to update some of my tutorials.Some of the pics look rather jaded.Photographs too age, I guess.  I'll be gradually updating them. The roses will get updated first..

These are tiny, but I enjoy stitching them.
 Delicate, easy to make and will look pretty wherever they are stitched.

I love roses, don't you?

Love,luck and sunshine,