Winners of the Crochet and tatting book giveaway..

The random number generator at picked two lovely ladies...

 The vintage tatting book goes to Connie Eyberg Originals and

 the Crochet book goes to Andy
Update : I've waited for more than 4 days and still no response from the winner. Hence, this giveaway stands cancelled.

Congratulations Connie and Andy!!  I hope you both are aware that the books are used copies and the tatting book especially is in a battered condition. I have not used them at all and will be passing on to you in whatever condition I got them in.

Please contact me with your mailing address . I will be mailing out the books as soon as I can pay a visit to the post office ,and that should happen either this weekend or the next.

Thank you everyone else for taking part in this giveaway. 

Love, luck and sunshine,