Eyecandy -Embroidered patches

I've been busy stitching!!!  But not my usual stuff....this time it is something which I usually run away from - which I would love to see someone else stitching, but not me!!!

Then why am I doing it? - For the little lady of course!!! She has a dance program coming up in couple of weeks and she needs a dupatta(stole) with lace and sequins on it .Her teacher wants it in a particular way. So, here I am ...stitching approx 7 meters of lace on to the cloth.

I have to add the sequins too after finishing up the lace part.The little one is excited since she will be doing a Rajasthani puppet dance. The fabric you see in the picture is the "Bandhani" or the tie and dye fabric which is popular in the state of Rajasthan.

To buy the lace I needed for the stole, I had to pay a visit to the local embroidery shop. While talking to the uncle there - (In India, anyone who's very senior to you is either Uncle or Aunty .In offices it is Sir or Madam )- I came across some embroidered patches. Out of curiosity , I bought a few. These are machine embroidered on velvet base and could be appliqued on to the fabric of  your choice.They are mass produced and are not perfect, but they are pretty and colorful.Have a look...

The stones on these patches are manually stuck .

 As I said earlier, on closer look, the embroidery is not perfect, but still these pieces grab your attention with their colors and design. Well, my curiosity made me buy these,but  I don't think I'll be using them much .May be some among you may want to own a pair of these patches. So here's a tiny giveaway...

If you were given a choice, which design would you pick for yourself and what would you do with it? Leave your comment on this post  with the design number (Call them 1,2,3,4,5 and 6,in the order displayed). On  Feb 15th ,I'll pick one person and her choice of design would be mailed to her.

Till then, enjoy the eyecandy...

Love,luck and sunshine,