Luzine's Schwalm website and a giveaway

If you're an ardent Schwalm embroidery enthusiast, then you probably may have already paid a  visit to Luzine Happel's Schwalm embroidery website .  Luzine Happel is  well known in the embroidery world for her work and books on Schwalm Embroidery .You can read the reviews of a couple of her wonderful books, Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework, and Early Schwalm Whitework, here and here.

Since her books are self published, they are usually not found in online stores and the order had to be placed through mail. But now she has come online with her website .

The website is available in two languages - Deutsch and English. The News section is where Luzine writes about her current work.You should also check out Luzine's sampler page where you can see the picture of one of her largest samplers with 321 different patterns.And in case you're keen on getting started with Schwalm embroidery , you could place your order at the Shop

That's about the website . Now for the good news...
Today, courtesy Luzine , I am giving away a copy of Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework .This book is a superb resource for anyone planning to learn Schwalm embroidery. You can read my review of the book here.

All you have to do is leave a comment here in this post answering this question - Have you done Schwalm embroidery or any kind of white work before? Would you prefer adding colors of your choice to the white work stitches or would you stitch it as it is, in white?
The giveaway is open to all till Jan 28th.I'll announce the winner here in this blog on the subsequent day. In case you prefer purchasing a copy of this book rather than try your luck,please visit Luzine's shop .

So, ladies..let us see who's the lucky one!!!

Love,luck and sunshine,