A stitch that I have not yet named

Thanks to all who "opened their doors"  when I Knocked .It was a pleasure hearing from you after so long.

Some days back I happened to see this tutorial to crochet  a Loop Stitch  . The inspiration for the pictures that you see below came from that video.Instead of crocheting loops, I embroidered them.

I started my trials with the small flower on the left. It looked pretty good. Next, I tried making two layers and found it difficult to do because of the tiny space inside.

I tried the layering again for a bigger flower ,first the red petals were stitched and then the yellow ones. Happy with the outcome.What do you think?

Initially, I had felt that only tiny flowers would look good with this stitch, but now I love the larger flower more :) 

Since I have not seen this stitch before , I have not named it. Or may be it exists , and in case it does and  you have seen it somewhere, do let me know . I'll re-title this post with the stitch name. :)

By the way, my embroidered rose survived the washing machine wash cycle not once, but twice !! Little Meghna is using it as her napkin during lunch in school. In fact , when she took it to school for the first time there were requests from her friends to make something similar for them :)

There a few gaps visible after the "bath". But those can be corrected. Still ,no more washing machine, only hand wash from now on - I've tortured her enough.

And thus ends my first "real" embroidery post after a long time. I hope you enjoyed visiting and viewing.

Love, luck and sunshine,