The Order of the White Lion and Isis Tuition have produced a series of workbooks exploring the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  These workbooks have been specifically designed to help those who wish to make a difference to their life.  They make no promises of quick fixes.  Instead the Workbooks try to explain - in simple and practical terms - why certain things happen to us, and how we can take more control over our lives rather than be swept along by events and circumstances. 

To help you decide if these books may be of use to you, please read the reviews and find out what others have to say.

Lee Lam wrote:
The workbooks offer everything you could want, from a complete introduction to the sephirah, to a challenge to understand it at a deeper level.

Each workbook contains the information required to fully appreciate what each aspect of the Tree of Life represents, and offers you a number of images that allow you to get the details straight in your own mind as to what that sephirah means to you.  Alongside that knowledge, however, is the challenge: how can I incorporate what I now know into my life, to let my life run more in tune with the Tree’s teachings?

The books let you go into as much or as little detail as you want, and the exercises help you learn more about yourself.  The details given help you but there is always the teaching as well that it is your own personal journey, and no one can really tell you exactly what you will see, feel or experience along the way.  It encourages you to embrace this and run with it.

Each workbook helps you understand a little piece of who you are, and how to use what you have most effectively.  But put together, they are a powerful tool to take control of your life and it’s direction.